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I am Certified Network & Security Professional-CCNSP, Microsoft -SAM, SAP-ABAP (Advanced business and application programming). Tech Savvy IT Security Researcher/ERP Consultant having 10+ Years of diversified Experience in Packaging's, Logistics, Retail, Production-BOPET, Manufacturing (Garments-Retail), Sector as key decision maker profile in Information technology field. Having 5-6 ERP Implementation cycle business architect knowledge for domain like Manufacturing, Retail, and Production etc. with hands on Exp in Different ERP's like Genisys, NAV, Nippon, Webexpress, Logic, GEMS, Dataman etc. Received Sponsored Certificate By Cyberoam Company as Network & Security professional -CCNSP and Cyber Crime certificate from SSP Kanpur. Received National & International Awards/Rewards by many companies as HOF- Hall of Fame with bounty like Yahoo Co., Ebay, Google, Telekom, Skytv, Vodafone Nederland etc. I am currently working as a Sr Manager-IT in Packaging's Company handling company IT infrastructure. After Completion of schooling from Kendriya Vidhalaya, I completed my Dual Master degree (Master in Engineering and Master In Business Administration) and started my Professional career as an ERP and SAP Consultant in 2008 and have hand on experience of different ERPs like Ginesys, Navision, Logic, Newton Nippon Data ,WebExpress and GEMS etc. with knowledge of Data Center SERVER, IPBX, EPBX, ESKO -Software, CTP-8100 Machine's, Image harbor, Firewall,ORACLE 8.0,9.0,SQL-2000, SQl-2000,2008, SAP, VPN, NETWORKING.

Honors, Awards and Grants

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Post Graduation

Master of Business Administration - M.B.A .

Post Graduation

Master of Electronics, University Institute of Engineering & Technology U.I.E.T.


SAP-ABAP Advanced Business Application Programming

Google (U.S.A) -Hall Of Fame -

Discovery : XSS

Got a Google Application Security HALL OF FAME for XSS Security vulnerability.

Link .

Yahoo Co. (U.S.A) - Hall Of Fame -

Discovery : Responsible Information Disclosure

Got a Two (2) times Yahoo Hall Of Fame with Bounty $ for information Disclosure Vulnerability .

Link -

INTEL - Certificate of Appreciation -

Discovery : Intel Responsible Security Disclosure Process

Got a Nine (9) times Certificate of Appreciation from Intel Corporation on Secuirty Information Disclosure Vulnerability.

Link -

SKY TV (New Zealand) - Hall Of Fame -

Discovery : OS Vulnerability-Responsible Information Disclosure

Got a Seven (7) times Hall Of Fame for OS Responsible Disclosure Vulnerability.

Link -

Deutsche Telekom (Germany)- Hall Of Fame -

Discovery : XSS Vulnerability

Got a Deutsche Telekom Hall Of Fame for Reflected XSS Vulnerability.

Link -

Ebay (U.S.A) - Hall Of Fame -

Discovery : Responsible Information Disclosure

Got a Ebay Hall Of Fame for information Disclosure Vulnerability .

Link: -

Vodafone (Nederland) -

Discovery : DDOS & HTTP Attacks Vulnerability

Got a Appreciation mail from Sr information Security Officer-Vodafone Nederland for Reflected DDOS & HTTP Attacks Vulnerability.

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